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Pourquoi take French?

French is the world’s second most influential language, after English but before Spanish.

Qui parle français?

French is the official language of 29 countries and 220 million people.

A growing language

By 2050, there will be an estimated 700 million French speakers – most of them in Africa.

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Lab assignment – mardi le 28 novembre

You have new assignments in Passport. Work on them, a couple of them are listening activities so you will need headphones. IMPORTANT: on activity 15B, if you see "c'est" or "il y a" you should use un/une/des for your answer. Otherwise, use le/la/l'/les. If you have...

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Lab assignment – lundi le 6 novembre

Today we are taking a virtual field trip to the Louvre museum.  Open the form here and fill out the information. If you finish early, you can use the remaining time to finish any activities on the passport.  You can also go to conjuguemos and practice -er...

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Lab assignments – mardi le 24 octobre

First, you can respond to the French pen-pals.  To read their posts, go to the our penpals link in the menu and choose a class.  You will post your replies on our padlets - make sure you put them on the right padlet for the class you are responding to! Response to 3A...

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Lab assignments – lundi le 16 octobre

Bonjour! I hope you've all had a great fall break. Today we are working on the activities for unit 2 in passport.  You should have 2 listening activities and 5 written activities. Click here to access the passport.

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