Today you will be starting an online project to plan a trip to Paris. Your final project will be a Google Expeditions virtual tour. You will need to find quite a bit of information to finish your project, but when it’s done you’ll have the ability to budget and plan a trip. Your trip needs to be for at least 7 days and no longer than 14 days.

These are the things you will need to include in your project:
1. air travel information – try,,

2. hotel/lodging information – you will need a place to stay from the day you arrive until the day you depart. Think about what you want in a place to stay – a hotel with lots of amenities? An apartment in the center of the tourist area? A cheap place to sleep? Once you’ve chosen a place to stay, you will need to add it to your virtual tour. Note that on some sites, you can’t get the exact address until after you book – in this case, add a slide for the general neighborhood rather than the exact address.
Paris attitude
Paris address
Logis hotels

3. at least 5 different places you will visit – keep track of the places, some interesting facts about each place, the hours they are open, and cost
Paris tourist office
Notre Dame
Arc de Triomphe

4. at least 3 different places you will eat
5. at least 2 different places you will go shopping for souvenirs
6. a budget for your entire trip
7. 3 postcards from various places you will visit

Keep track of your information along the way! You can either build your virtual tour as you go along OR keep the information in a document and then put it together at the end. Note that on the tour creator, you will put the little “i” icons when you want to add your text.
The tour creator is HERE.

You can view some sample tours here:
Florence, Italy
Monuments of France